Tremendous Difference

The only distinction in the Godhead is FLESH and SPIRIT – not THREE separate and distinct PERSONS! God is a SPIRIT (John 4:24) and a spirit hath not flesh and bones (Luke 24:39). God is the WORD (John 1:1) and the WORD was made flesh (John 1:14). God was manifest in the flesh (1 Timothy 3:16). It was NOT the body of Jesus Christ that was Deity, but rather the Spirit of Almighty God that dwelled in that sinless body (John 14:10). As man, Jesus knew pain, hunger, thirst, etc. As God, Jesus forgave sins, healed the sick, performed miracles, walked on the water, raised the dead, etc. Because of this “DUAL NATURE” of Jesus Christ, there were times when the human side (flesh) spoke, and there were times when the Divine side (Spirit) spoke. The THREE PERSONS THEORY has been so well indoctrinated that hardly anyone questions it!
I am a father, I am a son and I am a husband, but none of these TITLES is my name! These are TITLES of the different positions (offices) that I occupy, YET I am ONE PERSON. The THREE PERSON DOCTRINE is a product of man – PERIOD, END OF ISSUE!
I have absolutely NO malice or animosity in my heart towards trinitarian people.
I know the TRUTH shall remain standing when everything else has fallen.
However, some “die hard” trinitarians VICIOUSLY attack me because I dare question their THEORY of the Godhead and point out its many SERIOUS flaws. And some Jews attack me because they refuse to accept Jesus as their Messiah. Every once in a while I run across a person who is really a “TRUTH SEEKER,” who isn’t afraid of TRUTH in its entirety, and are man enough or woman enough to admit error when the Bible does not agree with their theology.
Then they very willingly make the necessary adjustments and get over it and get on with it!
It really isn’t hard to PROVE where the trinitarians’ doctrine originated, when it originated and by whom it originated. Even though most of them will insist that it came straight from the Bible. **IF** there was a trinity or **IF** God was THREE separate and distinct co-equal, co-eternal and co-existent PERSONS as the trinitarians insist, certainly the Bible ought to say so some place.
But it doesn’t! Since the Bible does NOT give any SPECIFIC authority for such a belief, MILLIONS are told it is a “MYSTERY” which they must accept by faith, because it cannot be explained or understood. You may accept that. I once did myself, but there came a time in my life when I had to find answers to my many questions about the trinity, and I was not afraid of what I would learn when I began to search it out! If you have a Strong’s exhaustive concordance and look at every scripture in the New Testament which mentions the words “mystery” or “mysteries” … as I did … you will discover that. That excuse can NOT be used to explain why the trinity can’t be adequately explained or fully understood.


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