In case you haven’t watched

In case you haven’t watched the video on The Chandlers page from Saturday, let me share with you the incredible experience we had!

On the trip to Augusta, GA, we got in a construction area that had no signage or warnings that the road dropped off about a foot or more. We were following the cars in front of us, in the breakdown lane to get off of the upcoming exit. With no idea that the road was now a drop off, the back right tires of the trailer went off of the road!! We realized it when we heard the scraping of the back axle on the highway. 😩

We quickly stopped, called for roadside assistance, with no success and ended up calling our own wrecker. During the 6.5 hours of sitting on the side of the road, stranded, here’s what happened.

A very kind, Christian couple stopped to see what they could do to help. There was nothing they could do, even though he used to make and sell axles! 😳😁 She went to their vehicle and came back with a roll of bills. She said that the Holy Spirit told her to give it to us. She did not know how much was there because the Spirit told her it wasn’t her place to count it. It was ours.

After a few more hours, 2 men in white t-shirts and jeans (angels? 🤷🏼‍♀️😁) stopped to help and while they were there, a wrecker finally showed up. Together the 3 men got us back on the pavement!

When we paid the 2 men for helping and gave the wrecker worker the fee, the total was exactly the amount that the woman gave us earlier!!!!! There’s no way that could’ve happened without God setting it up! She didn’t know how much she gave us, we didn’t know exactly how much it was going to be and just picked a figure to pay those men.

Thus, another reason I wrote the song, “I don’t know how He does it, but He does!”

Lana Chandler
The Chandlers

Lana Chandler

WOW….8 years ago and this

WOW….8 years ago and this is the first time I’ve actually even seen these pics of my Camero that 4th of July night my son and his friend escaped within minutes of the car exploding leaving NOTHING but my BIBLE and my CROSS that was hanging in my rear view mirror..both were the ONLY thing left other than the frame of the car..EVERYTHING as you can tell in second pic was COMPLETELY BURNED! The enemy has been after my son Chad since the day He was Conceived!! Being told til my 3rd month that there was NO LIFE to many other small things in between the major events that the enemy has TRIED his best to take him out of this world.. BUT GOD…whose words I’ve heard from the moment I KNEW I was Pregnant…”THIS CHILD WILL BE GREAT” keeps him protected and LIVING his testimony out til TIME he steps into where God is calling him!
That night as Chad was being awakened by an angelic women God sent to wake him and his friend up to get out of the car before it exploded..he said, “Oh God HELP I need my phone..I gotta call my momma ..his phone began to ring somewhere in a ditch across from the BURNING CAR..when Chad got to the phone he thought it was my number but it hung up so he pushed redial but the number said not a working number so he found my number and I met them at the hospital never seeing the car or pics til now when a friend fwkt Chad was strong enough from the last accident to handle seeing them afraid it may trigger emotions or unhealed memories! Ironically we looked at this number that rang his phone when he found it to call me just to see if we could figure out who it might of been …I looked at it and I thought what it might say if I decided to put it into our amazement the number calling was GOD HIMSELF…463-945-4357…
Just thought I might share tonight of how BLESSED I am to KNOW my children are COVERED by the BLOOD of CHRIST & because I CHOSE to BELIEVE the WORDS spoken over my son so many years ago even before his Birth on earth..he is STILL here constantly fighting the enemy who NIPS at his heels daily to keep him bound in grief and pain BUT one day HE WILL BE ALL THAT GOD HAS CALLED HIM TO BE because JESUS SAID SO!! I love you Chad Beeson!

Mary Brown

Good eveniing Fred Fory Jr…I’m

Good eveniing Fred Fory Jr…I’m Finally able to post Chad’s Story a STORY of HOPE thru JESUS CHRIST that shows how God GETS the GLORY and the the ENEMY LOSES…I’m posting my testimony of my son Chad and my journey from 5 years ago on a tragic August day when i would get that call EVERY parent don’t ever wanna receive..your son has been involved in a tragic accident and ma’am I’m sorry there’s NO HOPE..lifesupport no brain activity no response for 5 days ..we are sorry the id”s were all over the place and non recognizable of some passengers but we finally found who your son was and connected him with your husband’s shop thru Facebook! You might wanna bring in a Chaplin when you come to help you say good bye and make the decision as well as tell his siblings or anyone else they may wanna figure out how to get up here to UTAH to say their goodbyes while they still have him plugged in..
All this to tell of GOD’S GLORIFICATION thru my son and my OBEDIENCE to STAND in FAITH and BELIEVE…
I BELIEVE some of us here on earth have an important assignment that the enemy KNOWS is very POWERFUL to the Kingdom and has been after since the day of conception as my son Chad has been targeted even before birth…see this would be the second time in his life I heard NO LIFE..NO HOPE
at 3 myths of conception I was told NO LIFE can’t find life on the scans or monitors…NO HOPE..we are scheduling an abortion to keep you from dying because you will bleed to death if you carry further in the tubes😭 HEARTBROKEN and ANGRY I told them NOPE I DONT BELIEVE you my GOD SAID this CHILD WILL BE GREAT. .which by the way I heard these words that tragic day in August 2016…
I left the Dr office screaming at God..YOU SAID AND I BELIEVE but they won’t BELIEVE ME SOOO DO SOMETHING GOD..JESUS!!! SHOW THEM LIFE LIKE YOU SAID I AM CARRYING and HE DID…HE had Chad do a complete flip-flop in my tummy SO as EXCITED as I could be SCREAMING THERE IS LIFE INSIDE THIS CHILD WILL BE GREAT Looking like a CRAZY young girl running back into the Dr office I demanded another test and thank God my Dr was a Believer in the Miracles of our ALMIGHTY GOD he did the heart monitor again and CRIED with me SHOUTING THERE IS LIFE THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Fast forward from 1988 to 2016

August 6th 2016
TBI..JANE DOE..why JANE? because they already had his organs assigned to a female 😥

Walking into a room where I had no clue what I was walking into and not quite ready for the image that dropped my son’s body from the top of his head to tip of his toes wires and tubes coming out if every part of his body…BUT GOD..HIS VOICE SPOKE LOUDER than the image I was seeing..again I heard..THIS CHILD WILL BE GREAT …and so I chose to BELIEVE these words instead of the voice of the enemy using the Nurse in that room saying he can’t Hear you but it’s OK to say what you need to allow peace to make this decision to take him off this machine keeping his organs alive…
I told her I didn’t wanna hear negativity that I want there to say goodbye but just the opposite to see GOD BREATHE the BREATH of LIFE into my son on this 6th DAY as He did that 6th day he BREATHED life into Adam…and my daughter and I began to lay hands on NOT TBI JANE DOE but CHAD WADE BESSON the CREATION God created on October 3rd 1988 in which we informed and demanded they refer to him as this and NOT TBI as that was NOT my son!!! We demanded the WORD OF GOD STAY OPENED IN THAT ROOM and my YOUTH from our Church sent Hans made cards and scripture pictures we posted ALL OVER his room as we announced not just his room but that whole floor where he was and then began to STAND in FAITH on the WORDS we heard the Lord say…my daughter and I leaned over Chad and said to him Chad its up to you to USE what’s inside of you the POWER of the Holy Spirit to SHOW thesse people WHO GOD IS ..we need you to respond so sneeze momma or kimi’ s hand in which he twitched then squeezed his sister’s hand. ..we jumped for joy and told the Nurse but the ENENY rose his ugly head and said NOT A TRUE response we need his eyes opened…shocked but BELEIVING STILL..I heard open the eyes of my heart. .so I told my daughter we gotta sing this song and we leaned over him and sang OPEN THE EYES OF MY HEART in which his eyes fluttered and tried to open to focus so again we jumped with joy but again the ENEMY rose up!! NOT A TRUE RESPONSE just TBI reaction of nerves!! Frustrated but STILL BELIEVING.. I leaned over to whisper in his ear to which I was then told DONT TOUCH HIM his BLOOD PRESSURE IS NOW IM REALLY EXCITED but she don’t understand why i am when she says,” he could die ma’am 😳REALLY are you SERIOUS I replied but DIDN’T you say he was ALREADY DEAD…well ma’am if my son is gonna meet Jesus today then I want him to KNOW HIS MOMMA was here AND from there it just GOT BETTER AND BETTER.. he responded more and more but IT wasn’t coming up on their scans to which I replied I DONT CARE WHAT YOUR SCANS ARE SHOWING BUT I CARE WHAT MY GOD IS DOING…the pics below say the rest and we walked out in 7 weeks with about 80%in tact and we are stILLl in HEALING process but from he will NEVER DO ANYTHING FOR HIMSELF much less have be able to have his own family life again him living a new life with a beautiful little family God chose for him! His memories are still coming in and he gets a little confused at well as has outburst as his filter is gone pretty much so he just says EXACTLY what’s on his mind without being able to completly control but he is gaining more control over those as well…so I pray that
Our Testimony will bring HOPE to you & your family Fred as well as others who are seeing this Post to CONTINUE TO PRAY & DONT FAINT! LUKE 18:1

You can see more pics of Chad’s step by step miracle unfold before your eyes by finding the album titled On the 6th day posted on my face book page Mary E Brown

Mary E Brown

Life is so heavy. But

Life is so heavy. But no matter how heavy it is right now. I look back and see how bound I was, how stupid I looked and how I was dyn a slow death and playn Russian roulette with my life everytime I loaded that shot, pipe or did them pills, got in that vehicle high or whatever I did that took me away from the reality of what my life was and jus put my fate in the hands of the devil. But now, now I’m free. Now I have a made up mind. I have a Revelation of what the truth is. How precious and real and blessed I am to know this truth!! The transformation that the Holy Ghost does is mind blowing. Even being raised in this truth and seeing others stories of where they came from is mind blowing and jus makes me in awe of Jesus that much more. ♥️I share these side by sides cuz I want people to see and know the difference it can and will make in their life. Yes even the ones where I look stupid when I was high. Cuz newsflash everyone looks stupid high. Period! I have many many people reach out to me. And it is desire to give hope to those that feel hopeless. And this is ALL ALL ALL because of Jesus! I also share for myself and the battles I’m goin through only God knows about because we are overcomers thru our testimony!! I got through this because of Jesus & & my mommas prayers! The ones I kno battling it and all the other evil things that come with it depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or tendencies, cutting, Whatever it is. No matter the darkness God is ALWAYS working!!! So mommas, cover your babies in his blood and let him fight the battle for you. I’m still learning how to let go completely and let God fight the battle for me. But I kno the trials I face in church with Jesus, Is not even a comparison to the ones I faced lost and on my way to hell!! Cover them in prayer ALWAYS because none of us start out to become an Addict!! Be encouraged!! Jesus does heal and deliver. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever!! I should be in the grave… BUT GOD!!! #mystoryGodsglory #thatswhatJesusdoes #notashamed #ApostolicPentecostal From track marks to testimony! From being high to a higher calling!!

Jenn Maddox

I was a needle junkie

I was a needle junkie pushing dope and morphine n every drug I could melt down into my veins. I was a smoker for 18+ years I was refilled with the Holy Ghost quite a few times. Never stayed..Till last August. There’s alot of shame in my story but there’s so much love and grace. I am here because of Jesus. I am here because of his mercy his grace! My story is to show Gods love and Glory and jus how far he goes to save!!! I will never stop telln that. I was that backslider that grew up on a church pew and walked away from God at a young age!! Went so far into drugs I found myself at the other end of the needle!!! I kno the Holy Ghost is REAL. I KNO the power of addiction but I kno the power of deliverance!!! When the Devil comes against me using everyone and every tactic he can, I am quickly reminded of where he brought me from!!! So if a radical Christian is what I’m called then by all means!!! While yall talk about me I’m praying for yall. I jus want to be something for Jesus and my kids for once in my life. And i will because of Jesus!! I jus wanna add to this there is sooo much more shame than I could even begin to express because of lifestyle I chose. And I was that person searching and looking for ones that got out. Reading everything I could for hope. So let my story be one of hope for you, your family your children or someone who mayb goin through addiction. I’m praying for ALL ADDICTS!! There is a way out. You can absolutely do it with your own willpower. But most can’t. Drugs are evil demonic spirts to keep you bound!! Turn to Jesus he truly delivers and changes you!! 💯♥️

Here’s a poem a wrote!!
When yall look at me now and think that I am bound.
Look at me then, how I use to walk around.
Didn’t care how I looked, didn’t care who knew.
It was for that high anything I would do.
I was bound by them chains of addiction and sin
I withdrawled and ODed again and again.
I couldn’t start my morning without a shot or a pill
I may of had a smile on my face but it wasn’t real.
I should be in the grave, burning in hell today
But the I AM said there’s another way.
The smile I have now is from Jesus who loves me.
You see he had mercy cuz he seen who I would be.
That cross he died on was for all of our sins
The blood that he shed covered them all for all men
So if your lost in that hell and darkness, know I was to.
Give Jesus a chance and you will see what he can do.
The darkness that you feel has swallowed you whole
God can use for his glory and save your soul! ❤️
©Jenn Maddox
Jan 31,2020
4 years sober

Jenn Maddox

Darren’s testimony I have had many

Darren’s testimony

I have had many people ask me why I believe so strongly that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh… I’ve showed them verse after verse in the Bible to try to explain and help them understand… But Trinitarians always come back with verses that they believe backs up what they believe… Well here is the whole of it for me…. I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church.. I was raised to believe in The Father, Son and Holy Spirit as being 3 seperate persons making up 1 God head… That was all I ever knew, I was taught to confess with my mouth and believe in my heart and I shall be saved… I had never seen anybody ever receive the Holy Ghost and did not even know that we can be Baptized in the Holy Ghost… I lived a not so good younger life and ended up in prison on some drug charges 21 years ago… While serving my time I had a whole lot of time to study and seek God and grow a relationship with Him… One night I decided to go to a different service than I was accustomed too… They were called 1 God Apostolic Pentecostals.. I had never in my life felt the Power of God so strongly or heard Preaching more Powerful in my life… I was caught up in the Spirit like never Before… It was Wonderful, Amazing and kinda scary all at same time… The Preacher, a man named Pastor Phillip Cooper Preached a message about 1 God and that Jesus Christ is that 1 and only God and that we all must Repent of our sins and be Baptized in THE NAME OF JESUS for remission of sin and We shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.?!## Needless I was confused.. That’s not what I was taught?? How could this be?? So that night I went back to my cell and I got on my knees and Prayed.. I cried out to God to Please show me what is true.. I begged Him.. I fell asleep praying with tears in my eyes… That night I had a dream, or vision call it whatever… But in this dream I was standing looking at a Huge white throne that was floating in front of me, and from that Throne there came a deep voice and it said to me, I AM THE LORD THY GOD AND BESIDE ME, then the voice stopped and I looked to each side of the Throne. I could plainly see nobody else was there, then the voice said, BESIDE ME THERE IS NONE OTHER… The voice went on to say, THE TRINITY IS A FABLE DEVISED BY MAN…. I then woke up in a sweat and speaking in tongues… I immediately started Praising Jesus for coming to me and Showing me who He Truly is… I was soon after Baptized in Jesus Name and received True Baptism of the Holy Ghost.. People can believe it or don’t, it’s their choice to make.. But as for me and my house, We will follow Jesus as our God and Savior All of the days of our lives… God Bless you all and I pray somebody needed this testimony.. They must.. Lol… I never write this much..😄

Darren Counts

Jacqueline St Clair

Someone from a private group asked me to share this post with y’all so with my Pastor’s ok👌 here we are.
I pray this helps somebody👏Be encouraged💙

Our God is a God of love, mercy, grace, and a God of second chances. I’m thankful God redeemed me from the word of sinful bondage I was living in. The photo on the right is an image from a shoot with Playboy. The photo on the left was taken about 5 weeks ago. I am eternally grateful for God reaching down from the heavens so I could grab his hand😭 I have NEVER put paint on my face again. No more jewelry. No more hair dye. No more hair cuts. No more revealing clothing. I will NEVER return to the yoke of sin again. THANK YOU JESUS that one day I will forever be in your presence😭💗
Disclaimer** My husband/pastor is tagged in this post as well**
From Playboy to Pastors wife
#beapostolic #pentecostal #thankful #blessed

Jacqueline St. Clair

Sister Alison Krauss Visit

We had a wonderful visit tonight with Sister Alison Krauss.
We had VIP passes to the show and was accompanied by Sister Terrie Diamond and her father Sam.
The four of us visited with Sister Krauss backstage and met some of her crew.
We had a great time together.
We had the opportunity to minister briefly to her about some things with the little time they had to pack up and make the next show.
She said the next stop was on the other side of Atlanta, Ga around a 700 mile trip. They must get really worn out on these tours. We gave her a small Bible to keep with her at all times.
She was very humble and very pleasant to talk to. Just down to earth as you can get.
I ask for all our prayer warriors to pray for Alison Krauss and her whole crew. Pray a hedge of safety around each and everyone of them as they travel on the 2019 tour. God blessed her with a wonderful and lovely voice. We pray that she gets everything she needs from Jesus Christ. We give special thanks to Sister Emma Wand for making all this possible. She is a very special person herself,full of the Holy Ghost and Power.
I also ask everyone to keep her and her family in your prayers. She lost her husband and our Pastor recently and we are all continuing in this ministry he left behind for us as an example to others. Praise God and remember to follow the common gospel that was once delivered to the Saints of long ago. Acts chapter 2 would be a good starting place if your looking for the plan of salvation. Please pray for us as we will for everyone. It’s exactly what God wants us to do. He loves hearing from his children. May God abundantly bless each and everyone of you that strive to fulfill the things of Jesus Christ.

Bro Fred Fory, Sis Alison Krauss, Sis Karen Fory

The Ron Phillips Story My mother

The Ron Phillips Story

My mother remarried when I was 2. We were taken to Sunday School every Sunday morning, but my new daddy got drunk every night. I was intimidated by his drinking. All I wanted was a kiss or a hug. Always in trouble I would pray at night to God to help me get through the next day without a whipping . Not long after I was eight years old I was expected to work on the farm from dawn to sunset. The only respite was school or rain. I was 12 years old in Sunday School when I was taught the age of miracles was over . How could God really be a has been?

I remember feeling cheated. My heart broken I prayed, “God , If I could just see one miracle I could live for you” At church “Sweet Hour of Prayer” was often sung, but no one ever prayed five minutes much less an hour. By the time I was 15 my step-father had quit drinking but the stress of farming intensified His craving and frustration. One day the worn out tractor broke down again. Many times before he had swung at me wanting me to fight him like a man. This time when I got away from him I hitched hiked to Dallas to my grandmothers. My parents came and took me to Harry Hines Juvenile as a runaway. Then the steel door slammed shut to my jail cell. I knew nobody cared or loved me. Crying out to God.

I pleaded …………….“Why God?”

At 17, I lied about my asthma to join the Navy and was later discharged for the same reason. I was homeless at 19 working for a carnival, sleeping on the ground taking sponge baths in service stations. At 21 I met and married a backslid Pentecostal girl. Soon I met her Pentecostal grandmother who welcomed me with open arms. I was awed with her sincere testimonies of God’s healing power and her consistent prayer life. I knew she had what I needed.

At 23 I repented and got baptized in Jesus Name speaking in tongues just like they did in the Bible. Something real andtangible had happened to me. God started blessing me and I was doing well. My pastor came and told me to give God the glory for what he had given me or I would lose everything. I did not heed his warning and lost everything. Soon after my wife left me. I gave myself to drinking and drugs till I lost my mind. In a mental institution no one could help me. After getting out God dealt with me to no avail. One night God spoke to me saying,

“ If you don’t come back to me I will cut you off!”

In fear I went back to church and repented. I started obeying and not questioning what was preached verifying the preached word was in the Bible.

It’s said, L.S.D. (also called acid) is the strongest drug known to man, having up to 300,000 doses in one liquid ounce one dose. One dose had left me without a sound mind. Nine months later its effects still opened me up to thoughts I could not control. I could not sleep in the dark for eyes would be everywhere peering at me. I could not hold down a job. Tormenting spirits would taunt me night and day. Many times I could not pray and I would just say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, until there was enough peace of mind that I could.

Jesus was my only hope.

I could only read the Bible by underlining only 2 or 3 words at a time. Otherwise all would be lost. I had to exert all my mental energy on what I was doing or my mind would waver. My pastor tried to talk to me. I could hear the words but I could only comprehend part of what he was saying.

One night I went forward for prayer. As the pastor prayed for me, ( I prayed silently ) saying, “Lord I believe” over and over again. Then all of the sudden, like the volume of a radio being turned up I could hear the sound of the most beautiful bells. Then the volume was turned down and I could hear my pastor asking me, “Do You Believe?” over and over. At first it seemed I had lost the ability to speak but then the power of God fell. My knees crumbled under the power of God and then I got up and shouted, “YES!” speaking in tongues as the Spirit of God gave me the utterance. I was instantly delivered from the powerful self-destructive cravings I had felt for drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.

In the Old Testament, the High Priest wore a robe with bells around its hem. When he went behind the veil into the Holy of Holies, the other priests would listen for the tinkling of bells. This signified that God had accepted the sacrifice. Today Jesus is our High Priest who has already offered up His own Blood as the sacrifice for our sins. The tinkling of those bells I heard that day lets me know because of Jesus Blood,

I have been Forgiven. I have been Set free – FREE INDEED!
God has given me back my mind, my wife, my son who now is a minister of the Gospel and pastors Springridge United Pentecostal Church in Clinton, Mississippi where my wife and I also worship. We also have another son and 3 grandsons. All my children and grandchildren have repented, been baptized in Jesus name, and filled with the Holy Ghost! Now after 52 years of marriage and fifty years of living for God I can truly give and say……


Footnote: God did bless my step dad’s continued effort to quit drinking. When he died he had not drank for over fourty years. He was well known and respected by many for having had such a wonderful influence and impact on peoples lives.

Ron Phillips

When no one would Help

As many of you know,our ministry is in the streets now.
We are a church without walls.
We don’t have a home church so we give our time and funds to those that are less fortunate. We do these things for Jesus.
I like to share sometimes to inspire others to reach out.
Our brothers and sisters need us.
James 2:15 If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food,
16 And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?

The world needs you.
Time is short and we now live In perilous times.
Let’s do all we can to get as many saved as possible before that great and notable day.
This man was walking down the street.
No one would help him.
The Lord put it on my heart to minister to him.
I listened.
He had just been released from jail.
No money.
No Food.
The clothes on his back.
What did we do?
We fed him.
We talked to him about the love of Jesus.
We let him see that someone cared.
We were in tears.
He was sincere and he really needed a helping hand.
I’m sure most folks found him intimidating and a bit scary but he was a teddy bear.
He needed another chance.
He was just in a bad situation now.
We asked him what he needed to do at this point after we fed him.
He just wanted to get home.
We loaded him in the pickup.
Took him to the bus station and bought him a ticket. Gave him a few dollars for something to snack on or a drink and we never seen him again.
We did the right thing.
God has this and we feel great that God chose us for this task.
This is what we do.
Who knows, maybe we will see him again one day. We planted the seed.
Praise God

Bro Fred Fory, Homeless Man

When you really need Help

These are some of the people our Lord and King of Kings “Jesus Christ “ told us to help.
The least among us.
Then you do it unto Jesus.
Being hungry isn’t funny.
Some of you have never experienced true hunger or raggedy clothes much less live in the woods or underpass. The misfits of the world. The ones society doesn’t want around.
They could have mental handicaps and no one will hire them.
Many reasons why they are homeless and living in the woods.
We ministered to these guys and they were very surprised we took time to even talk to them. You know the only thing they wanted after we asked them if there was something they needed and they said
“We need a tarp to keep our things dry.”That’s it.
We did give them bibles and made sure they could get a tarp and eat that day. They even had a little homeless puppy dog. They have nothing but what compassion they had to help an innocent creature to survive. We are totally blessed to have been hand picked by Jesus to run across these loving people that are “Homeless” May God bless them in the name of Jesus Christ, My Lord and My God.

Homeless Family

Posted by: Tammy Holman Tompkins

Very Touching Testimony

My father in law came down with Alzheimer’s in 2005. It was the little things at first that we noticed. He was a veteran. He retired with the Army and Army National Guard. He was over a troop. He also retired with civil service in IL. He was very articulate. Everything was put away. Cloths folded to a T etc. He was helping my husband change the spark plugs on his 66 Dodge Charger. Instead of doing one at a time, old for new, he pulled them all off while Terry my husband was looking for a tool. It took my husband longer at that point. He was also mixing up the tools. By this time they were retired. They wintered in FL, in fifth wheels. My mom in law would find him turning on the stove burners and put the steel cover back down over the burners. He burned up several coffee makers etc. They came to see us every summer. He left her luggage at the hotel once, he lost his way and was backing down a ramp. I could go on. They then started to fly here instead. He had a hard time staying in his seat. In 2010 they flew to Maine and he had terrible sun downing. About 4:00 he would pull close all the curtains, etc. play with my burners etc. He had a seizure and ended up at the hospital. The day came for them to head to the airport. He lost it. We went to the ER and he told us, I’m scared. He never went back home to ILLINOIS. He ended up at a veterans home here in Maine. The doctors took a sample of his sweat on the sheets. He was diagnosed with a strain that was a very fast moving strain. Was you are diagnosed with it, you has 6 months to live. He went downhill at a fast clip. He was gone in 6 months time. God was so good. Marvin was a gentleman, he was kind, but above all, he was full of the Holy Ghost, baptized in Jesus Name in his 20’s. Not one curse word ever came out of him mouth. God was Good. It took 6 long days for him. The whole time he was awake. The Lord opened his spiritual eyes and he was seeing heaven. His eyes just kept moving, he kept saying oooo awwwww, and pointing towards the ceiling. On Friday afternoon I was alone with grandpa. I said grandpa do you know who I am, blink your eyes, he did. I said grandpa you know my mom is in heaven, when you see her, give her a hug for me and tell her we love her and will see her soon. Will you do that? He blinked his eyes. Our pastor and pastors wife came over and we were singing and he was reading bible scriptures on seeing heaven. He got excited and was pointing heavenward. The Lord took him home at 9:05. He had a veterans send off casket our flag draped coffin. It was beautiful. We miss him.

Sis Tammy Holman Tompkins

My testimony is Jesus Christ

My testimony is Jesus Christ created a liver in me, no transplant, I was diagnosed with cirrhosis 4th stage of the liver and hep c.
Jesus Christ healed me of drug addiction and alcoholism I have no desire for the old lifestyle, in 2012 I was given this miracle, I live by Him, I serve Jesus as my God, The Miracle Man from Galilee

Bryan Hall Sr.

‘And they overcame him by

‘And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony…”
-Ref: Rev 12:11

👉What is YOUR testimomy ???👈

Mine is below:

I went to Catholic school and Church as a young child and to Trinitarian churches my whole life.

When 16 i went to a Oneness church with my uncle for 6 months and heard them teach on the Oneness of God and i was baptised in Jesus Name and filled with The Holy Ghost evidenced by speaking in tongues.

I then joined a Trinitarian discipleship group and was rebaptised into the Titles when i was like 21 and the teachers were honest about the Trinity Theory being developed by extra-biblical Patristic progressive revelation.

When they told me that i thought back to what the Oneness Church was teaching and i understood that the Trinity was not taught by the Apostles and if i lived in their day they wouldn’t have taught me a Trinity. I still maintained Trinitarianism though because i hadn’t studied for myself deeply and i clung to distinction statements in scripture which to me inferred distinction of Personhood.

When i was about 25 i started studying the Godhead on a challenge from a Oneness person. After hearing Dr. Irvin Baxter teach “Understanding the Godhead” and after studying a little about the Trinity’s development, i became Oneness and began my pursuit of Biblical Theology.

I was rebaptised at about 28 by Dr. Baxter in Jesus Name and never turned away from this wonderful truth of Oneness Pentecostalism since.

I am now about 40 and am working towards my ThD. My Facebook articles, in the last 2 years, have produced about 30 Trinitarian Ministers who have renounced the Trinity and many have multiple Churches under them.

There are many other things i could include. Let all that is written here be for the glory of Jesus and His great Name.

Thanks for reading, God bless, and i look forward to reading YOUR testimonies !!!

Mark August

“Mary Terrilliger Testimony”

I didnt tell anyone about this but I had a volley ball size mass on my ovary for the last couple months or more. It had…

Posted by Mary Terwilliger on Saturday, August 3, 2019

Mary Terrilliger

Brother William Ince

July 22, 2019 at 4:10 pm
In 1985 I suffered a major heart attack , at the age of 36. It severally damaged 20% of my heart. It was in the left ventricle. In 1992 I had triple by-surgery. It started out to be a double. However, once they got inside, they found a artery, on the back of my heart that was 50% block, and would have caused a massive heart attack that I would not have survived.
In 2001, I had a double by-pass surgery. I lay in ICU at the point of death for 6 days. I couldn’t talk because I had a breathing tube down my throat. When I felt myself becoming afraid, I prayed. God impressed upon my mind that HE hadn’t went anywhere, that HE was right there. After that, knowing that, I was at the point of death, I had no fear. Thank you Jesus.Praise God for HIS Mighty Power!!
In 1997 I had a stroke. In 2005, I had a heart ablation. Between 2001 and now I’ve had 13 stents placed in my heart, 3 stents in my left groin, and 1 in my right groin. I have an ejection fraction of 35%. Praise God, HE has brought me through it all, and continues to lead me through this dark World.
A doctor remarked to me, after I had my first surgery, that it was nice to know about God in this situation. I said Sir, I don’t just know about HIM, I know HIM.
People don’t understand this, but there will come a time in your life when your deep faith in God, is all you have. You’ll either hold on to your faith, or cave in to Satan, and let it go. Keep your faith strong. Don’t wait until you really need it. If by chance your faith is weak, start now and build you faith daily praying in the Holy Ghost. Jude 20. “But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost,” Jude 20. KJV
Thank you Jesus for your comfort, peace, and strength that you’ve bestowed upon me.

Brother William Ince

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