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  • Do you think you will be caught away

    You think you’re going to get “Caught Away” before anything bad happens?  You don’t believe you will be harmed?  We aren’t talking about those that...

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  • The Roman Road or the Jerusalem Road?

    It disturbs me that those who use the Roman Road Plan of Salvation will tell a lost person, who sincerely recites the words of one...

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  • Name of the Son

    Since the name of the Son OBVIOUSLY is NOT “the Son”, we can conclude that likewise the name of the Father is NOT “the Father”...

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  • Tremendous Difference

    There is a TREMENDOUS difference in “THREE PERSONS” of God, and that of THREE POSITIONS, OFFICES OR MANIFESTATIONS of God. The only distinction in the...

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  • History Proves

    History also proves that the truth about one God was universally preached by the New Testament Church for many years after Christ, until the development...

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  • One on the Throne

    The term persons (plural) used in reference to God does violence to the oneness of God. “I am the Lord.. .and my glory will I...

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